How to Prep: Tips to get started

Meal Prepping: tips to get started

How to meal prep: The first thing? Just start, It doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to get fancy.

Start with just one meal. Focus on that meal. Even prepping just one meal ahead will give you the benefits of meal prepping. When I first graduated highschool, you were probably like me, having the special talent of burning water. (yea i know it's possible)

But I started learning to prepare my meals in advance and this trained me to not only cook better but to be less incompetent in the kitchen and learn to portion out my food, all you need to do is start even if it's one meal!

For me, that was breakfasts. I prepped my breakfasts for the week at first, then I started adding in lunches, and finally snacks.

Here are four tips for meal prep beginners:

  1. Keep it simple- like we discussed above, just picking one meal that pains you and focussing on that will prevent you from getting overwhelmed, and you will still feel the benefits of meal prepping!
  2. Schedule it- write it on your calendar. Block off time. Make it as difficult as possible to make excuses.
  3. Use dependable recipes- it might not be the right time to try a crazy new recipe. Using recipes you know are easy and tasty is a great base to start off of.
  4. Have fun and reward yourself- I like to crank up the music and have fun when I’m prepping. And it doesn’t hurt to bribe yourself with a coffee or a bit of chocolate, right?

These are just some tips. If you guys want recipes, we will posting some shortly so hang tight!

Also watch our video on our iOS app which will be coming soon!

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