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Hello and welcome to Prepit! As a college student, I have always been an avid fan of the gym and living a healthy lifestyle so I decided to not only challenge myself to come up with a viable healthy solution, but also make one that was new to the market and would help anyone whether they lived alone, with a family, or even a college student like me. This the introduction to our website and business as an explanation to why we exist and how we we plan on operating down the road if you are interested in supporting or contributing!


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"Eat food as your medicine or you'll eat medicine as your food"

- Unknown


Here at Prepit, our mission is simple: To help people lead healthier lives without all of the stress of everyday life interfering!

Now how we do that will be left up to our consumers but we will provide blogs, insights, products, and eventually an app to help people blockout externalities when it comes to diet and strictly focus on their fitness goal through meal prep!


As a college student, I personally found that meal prepping was expensive and too difficult at times which made life really hard so the goal came pretty easily:

Create a platform that would allow users to plan their meal prep and help them maximize their savings in the process

Sure, we have other goals as a business and store but the primary one is the one above that will provide immediate value to our consumers!


As a business, being we sell products to help you with your active lifestyle, and we have a whole app revenue model that we plan on rolling out over time.                     

The main priority is to fund our own development through crowdsourcing and product sales and then keep the ball rolling through app revenue/sales depending on how things look down the road, all we ask is that you help support us so that we can stay open!                        

What to expect 

Here on the website you can expect to receive monthly app updates, blogs related to diet, health, food, fitness, and meal prepping, and releases of new products that you may already be buying elsewhere. We have a lot in store that we will roll out as we grow overtime and we hope you stick around to see our platform grow!






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