The Mobile App

An app for health

So if you're here, Im going to bet that you're serious about meal prep and want to learn more about the app we're developing- and here's what we got.


You may also be asking yourself, what does an app have to do with meal prepping?

The answer is actually quite simple:

Budgeting and fitness tracking.


You see most apps come with the mindset of selling you subscriptions you don't need and make tracking tools that don't nearly compare to what they should or be so were build a tool from scratch that will have a priority: helping its users.


The plan is to create the ultimate meal tracking app that is based off of the meals that you prep so there isn't a whole guessing game of how many calories you ate or which brand you chose when in reality, calorie counting has to be easier than what most apps like to pretend.


Pre-baked Concept

1.You login

2. You make an account

3. You enter some basic body information like height, weight, body type, and dietary preferences

4. You get to a home screen with your whole weeks meal plan predetermined with easy customizations to fit your needs

5. We generate a shopping list using those recipes so that you can go shopping once and know what you're going to be eating all week and measure your savings

6. Once you make your meals, you'll be able to schedule and keep track of your eating habits over time and measure your progress toward your goal!



The idea was born early February of 2019 and I, the founder (Jonathan Gan) am a computer engineering student who loves health fitness and tech.

After doing an abundance of research and personal challenges, I came to the conclusion that eating healthy has become quite difficult and the only reasonable solution was to come up with a method to track my eat and spending habits accordingly to get the most gains for my money.

After the Spring of 2019 came to a close, I realized there is a good amount of competition and the only way I was ever going to find out if the app would be successful was by deciding to embark on the lean start method to build a proof of concept and work from there but it has been challenging to say the least and as things move along, I constantly have new problems to solve in order to develop such a project.

Phase 1. The start

Now I didn't want to do this project alone but there were two reasons that have stopped me from being able to partner for the project

1. Lack of effort

2. Lack of interest

The idea was born with my roommate but after a week or so he gave up on the idea and stopped trying to help no matter how many times I tugged on him for help

After him, I approached another friend who also was initially interested but after summer began, he went ghost and that left the project once again, alone in my hands.

That being said I do have some development done and will hopefully have a beta version on an app store soon.

Phase 2. Login screen and more

After I realized I was going to be building alone I got to work.

1. I started to quickly learn react & react native for multi platform development of mobile applications (ios & android and maybe webapp)

2. Began the initial project commit

3.I now have a working login screen that uses firebase to track logins of users

Going forward: 

I will be working to implement Fitbit integration and facebook login over the next week

then I will be adding the questionnaire for new user profiles

Then i will be adding recipe api calls and placement into a grid for the home screen

then budget tracking and a shopping list 

then different tabs and more as the ball gets rolling 

stay tuned!